RUSH is a local campus ministry that empowers students to put their faith into action to change their school.
This takes place through student-led RUSH clubs that meet on campus, under the supervision of a faculty adviser and, in some cases, a young adult mentor.
Students meet weekly to have fun together, grow in their faith, and take part in numerous school/community services.
We want to make a difference in the world, our community, and our school, so if that’s you, come and join us!


In order to steer clear from crossing the line of separation of church and state, RUSH Campus Ministries follows a procedure that allows RUSH clubs to exist on the campuses of both middle and high schools. Through the Equal Access Act, students have a constitutional right to meet on campus for the purpose of religious issues.After a group of students follow their school’s procedure for starting a club, they are allowed to invite outside volunteers (RUSH Club Mentors) to help with activities, student mentoring, or overall club health. All RUSH Club Mentors have background checks and are approved through RUSH Campus Ministries; they are also consistently trained in youth mentoring and leadership development, as well as the constitutional rights of the student.

Since RUSH is a student-led club, our involvement lies in the role of providing support, resources, and coaching. We help students get a club started by working with their school’s administration and providing promotional tools. An approved RUSH Club will also be provided with financial support for club outreaches and activities, as well as material resources such as Bibles, devotionals, pre-written lessons, game and outreach ideas, etc. In addition, RUSH helps students connect with a club mentor and provides a consistent chance for student leaders and young adults to experience Christ, community, and coaching through our monthly leadership program called “Team Night.” Please contact us for more information on Team Night or any other area of RUSH.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us!

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